imgLIHAC Polar Bears
LIHAC Polar Bears
imgBernie Beyers and her LIHAC Quilt
Bernie Beyers and her LIHAC Quilt
imgChristmas Party 2017
Christmas Party 2017
imgPurdue Learning Center Tour
Purdue Learning Center Tour
imgSoup Social
Soup Social
imgOctober Breakfast Tour
October Breakfast Tour
imgOctober Ladies Lunch
October Ladies Lunch
imgMillers Pitch In
Millers Pitch In
imgCars at Millers Pitch-IN
Cars at Millers Pitch-IN
imgA great picnic pix
A great picnic pix
imgQuite a line of cars at the LIHAC picnic
Quite a line of cars at the LIHAC picnic
img2017 Picnic in the Park
2017 Picnic in the Park
imgBreakfast Tour 2017
Breakfast Tour 2017
imgLIHAC at the Beef House
LIHAC at the Beef House
imgLIHAC at the Fowler Theater
LIHAC at the Fowler Theater
imgCar For Sale - See Details below
Car For Sale - See Details below
imgCurt's Hudson - Beautiful!!
Curt's Hudson - Beautiful!!
imgJoe's 1938 Buick - Beautiful
Joe's 1938 Buick - Beautiful

A Message from Our President


Spring is three weeks away!  I'm anxious to get the car out and go!  The rain has washed the salt and grit off the roads, just need the potholes filled.  As we start to clean up after the long winter hibernation be safe getting out and about.  Your 'to do' list is probably growing just like mine, don't 'over do' it!  Plan on attending the March meeting, a guest speaker will talk about personal safety.

Tim Lange


LIHAC President

Upcoming Events


Ladies Lunch, Mens Breakfast and St. Patricks Lunch this week.  

Wednesday March 14th - Ladies Lunch

Marty Burkhalter will be hostess for this months Ladies Lunch and O'Charlies on Wednesday March 14th.  Im sure no body cares it's FREE PIE DAY at O'Charlies.  Be there at 11:30.  A sign up sheet will be at the March meeting or call Marty at  447-9548.

Friday March 16th - Mens Breakfast

Our March mens breakfast will be on Friday March 16th at the Downtowner in Market Square at 8:30am as usual.  No reservations required.

Sunday March 18th - St. Patricks Day Lunch

Our annual St. Patricks Day lunch will be on Sunday March 18th at 1:30pm.  The 9 Irish Brothers restaurant on SR 26 in Lafayette will be the location.  Pam Luenz is hostess.  Mark your calendar now to join us for this fun event.  

Tech Tip


Many years ago wiring in automobiles and trucks was covered with a rubber and cloth like material.

This was state of the art at that time but over time the rubber material would dry out and become brittle, cracks would develop and eventually bare wire would become exposed, leading to shorts in the wiring, possibly causing fires, not a good situation to say the least. Some vehicles even fused the lights and to have your light go out at speed on a dark road will get you into a bad situation real quick!

Other manufactures used circuit breakers which would reset in seconds giving some margin of safety.

Inspect your wiring, if you have breaks and cracks in it you would be wise to replace it, the old style is still available but very expensive, use it if you are wanting to maintain a high level of authenticity.

Plastic covered is very durable and a lot cheaper, both types are available through antique auto suppliers, they can furnish reproduced wiring harnesses, get on line and do a search for your vehicle.

Now get a wiring diagram if possible for your vehicle, this will make the job a lot easier, if you don’t feel at ease with doing it yourself get professional help. 

(I have rewired two cars and it really was a learning and fun experience!)

This suggested by Harold williams







1930 Model A --Very nice running and driving Model A ready for the road.  Everything works, nice interior, cowl lights, engine # A2756636.  Alternator, rebuilt Zenith Carburetor, rebuilt distributor with modern Nu-Rex points and condenser, Nu-Rex automatic spark advance.  Rear window shade, fiberglass fenders, leather trunk, nice paint job.  NOTE!  The teddy bear in the back seat and the 1930 license plates DO NOT sell with the car.  

PRICE  $15,900 -- Contact Mike Luenz 765-532-7173 for additional details and pictures.

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Upcoming Meetings

First Tuesday each month at 
MCL West  Lafayette. 6:00pm
LIHAC meets at MCL restaurant  and cafateria

521 Sagamore Pkwy W, West Lafayette,IN

Tuesday April 3rd


LIHAC Meeting


Tuesday, May 1st.
6:00 pm
LIHAC meeting

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